Luxury Homes - Charleston, IL
Exceptional Craftsmanship Since 1989

About Us

Our decades of experience and precise attention to detail help guarantee that your final project will display perfection.


Luxury Homes, Inc. was founded in 1989 by Chuck and Tim Parker, and Dale Shonkwiler. We specialize in all aspects of the building industry. With the original partners actively involved in the business, each project typically has someone at the site at all times to make sure quality control is maintained in a timely manner. Most of our projects are custom-designed, and can be altered by the use of our full-time drafting department.

Many of the contractors and suppliers that Luxury Homes employs in the production of a new building project have been working with us since the company started. The majority of subcontractors have been performing their individual craftsmanship skills in excess of 10 years. These established relationships and years of experience help us speed up the building process and produce superior-quality results.

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